Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Dont Panic / Pollocks

Just had an article published on Dont Panic through the guys over at Pollocks London about me and my 'work' here's the article and the photos from the project they set me.....

Check it out.....

At the age of 22, Mark Goss has already tried his hand at graffiti and received punishment from the law as a result of it. However, since completing his sentence Mark has returned to complete his course at Ravensbourne College of Design & Communication, where he is currently studying and proving himself worthy of a second chance.

We met Mark at a train station. He was sporting a New Era cap, purple tartan jacket, a pair of Van trainers and a quaint moustache. Earlier in the week we assigned him with a task: “illustrate designs across someone’s body within the time it takes us to interview you.” Neither myself nor Callum were surprised to see that he was accompanied by a beautiful young lady who had made herself available for the task.

There is something raw about Mark and his approach to drawing. On the roof of my house where we based ourselves for the day he instructed his model to lie on the floor and immediately attacked her body with eagerness and infectious concentration. He is partially covered in tattoos that swan down his arms. “Tattoos are like the next level after graphic design. Mike Giant is an illustrator who inspires me and he draws a lot of skulls, which I like,” he says while penning the outline for a skull himself, across the model’s lower back.

Growing up in what he describes as an “average, boring, south east London family,” it’s clear what he spent most of his time doing as his marker pen glides around the chest with no sketch book or images for reference. Mark’s work is all talent over education. He didn’t even study art at school. His approach to drawing goes beyond the classroom. Perhaps this is how Mark got caught up so easily in graffiti. “It’s illegal, which is why people want to do it – if it wasn’t, then there would be no draw to it.”

Mark has impressive talent. His designs could almost be computer-generated due to their immaculate construction. “I always have things symmetrical. My shoes have to be in a rack. Nikes, Converse – they each have their own row.” Contemplating the future, he’d like to paint an entire building with his art, and also release a book.

All too often a single childhood mistake or lack of education can prevent people with great talent from achieving respected careers. Mark’s sincere intentions to have his own studio and become a graphic designer/illustrator should provide inspiration towards anyone who has experienced difficulties inside or outside of the law.

Check out the original articles here and here.....

Thanks to Cat for modelling in the cold and for doing the poses they didnt publish!!!

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Stumbled across this on don't panic, nice work!